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About Us

At Graphology & Holistic Empowerment School, students are both children and adults. We train them to face real-life circumstances. Our non academic subjects are complements to their academic education. 

All our teachers are energy healers and practise holistic modalities. They have been especially trained to plan, deliver and evaluate lessons to ensure that both effective teaching and learning are taking place.

Interested in learning more about Graphology & Holistic Empowerment School? We invite you to keep exploring our website, and get in touch with questions about our values, academics, community and more. Join us today!


To provide quality holistic empowerment through non academic subjects.

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Increase happiness index of people.

Help people feel confident about themselves

Equip people with training to boost their material, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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"Knowledge originates from matter whereas wisdom dwells and thrives in man's spirit."

Nishta Goopee


Graphology & Holistic Empowerment School.

Upcoming Events

  • Introduction to Graphology
    27 Aug 2022, 14:00 – 28 Aug 2022, 17:10
    Ever wondered if you could understand a person's traits within minutes? Here is an introduction to Graphology, to help you understand this science, its relevance and the many ways in which it can empower you.

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